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My name is Elin Mattsson and i'm 17 years old (born 1995).
I live outside Stockholm in a villa with my parents, sister and brother, Miliam, 2 cats and 3 rabbits.
The 8th January my beautiful son came to the world, his name is Miliam. He was born in week 36 and was 48 cm long. Hes weight was 3240 g.
I noticed my pregnancy in week 24 (23+5), and Miliam was born 13 weeks later.
It was a fast adaptation in my whole life after the pregnancynotice.
In this blog you are going to read about my life as a teenmom and also follow Miliams process!
Before i knew about the pregnancy i was very social with my friends, party and was living the teenlife as usual!
I went to the stable and were there for hours with my lifehappiness Arlington Park. The horse that helped me many times when life was hard. I ride to week 35.
Im not with him anymore, but hes always gonna be in my heart, my love.
I feel really comfortable as a mom and i love it every minute!
Right now, im parentalive and study some math from home.
Im interested of photo, equipment, health & training, i do some extra luxury breakfasts now when im parentalive! You can read about all this in my blog!
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Superfin blogg! :) Såg att du "letade" efter länkbyten! Om du vill så gör jag gärna ett, kramar ♥

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Hej! Åh din son är så fin och jag beundrar dig verkligen som klarar av att vara mamma i så ung ålder. Önskar dig det bästa. Kram!

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